I got a violation for speeding

Hey I was flying from Doha to Sydney upon descending I was going over the 260 knots at 10000 but it wasn’t my fault I got up for 2 seconds to open a window cause my room was so hot so when I came back I urgently tried to slow down but couldn’t I tried bringing up the v/s everything but it was already too late is there any way I can get these violations taken away I literally just got to grade 3 now I have to wait for 7 days and I worked hard to get to grade 3 I honestly would appreciate if this could be lifted I’ll even send in the replay if needed it would mean a lot please help


The only way violations will get removed is it’ll it was a glitch with the game, and realistically youre supposed to be under 250 knots under 10,000 feet. If you were at 260 and got a violation, it won’t be removed

I’m sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, no violations or ghosts can be lifted unless it is Infinite Flight’s fault.

Also, welcome to the community @Ernest_Hanlon!!

I have the replay if it’s any use I actually had the aircraft slowing down but it was doing it so slowly got up for a second while it was at 12000 and the aircraft was slowing next thing I come back and it’s at 10000 at 260 and slowing I panicked when I seen the message and within seconds I got violated it all happened too quick

Well I think the violation was a bit harsh I had no time to react i had seconds and it was slowing I tried climbing but it was too late I have the full replay

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Thank you 😊

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@Ernest_Hanlon if you would like to PM me, I’ll take a look at the replay and give you some tips. I’m pretty certain that you can’t get it removed, but if you want me to take a look a will.

Edit: Actually I’m not sure you can send PMs. I will message you.

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From the warning you have 20 seconds before you get a violation.

I tried but I was too late

I’ve been with you man. your not alone.

it is important to never look away at crucial stages of a flight such as descending and climbing cos thats where most get their vios from due to them not noticing a mistake they may have done