I got a violation for something i didn’t do and i am stuck as a grade 2

I got a level 3 violation when i was taking off from London then i got downgraded to grade 2 i got the violation 1 week ago but it is still not letting me get upgraded to grade 3. Does someone have this problem as well? or how can i get back to grade 3? thanks in advance

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Hi! Usually a quick flight on one of the live servers solves this. Once you end your flight session you should be back to grade 3 if your stats permit.

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@DIO_Brando Welcome to the community!

If you have received a violation for something you didn’t do, you should get in contact with whoever your controller was at the time. You can do that by going to replay and seeing who was ATC at the time and discuss it with them by sending them a private message.

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@KSS they’re not asking about the violation appeal process though - the OP is asking why the violation is preventing them from accessing Grade 3, even after a week. So either their stats are too low, or, as stated above, a quick flight on one of the live servers should solve it.


Look at your stats is their any orange numbers coming up on the Grade 3 side?

To add a little, the violation takes a full on week which means 168 hours. So that means if you got the violation at like 9:57 pm 7 days later at 9:57 pm the violation would go away and your grade three would return.

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