I got a violation for no reason

You didn’t get a violation for no reason. The image explains it. Don’t go above the red dots and you wont get any violations.


Actually the devs should make the AC explode in these kind of situations since that is what could happen in real life!
Bit strange though that your AP is set for .73M and your AC seems to be flying at .93M!

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I was Never on M.093 Never ! Any staff can see my flight i Started a flight from Vancouver and Climb to FL350 with 310 kts that was M.081 or M.082 … Shortly i Planned the Descent to Munich and then i Became a Warning with Speed Rotation. And i See i was on M.093

Sorry! How did you miss the banner saying “reduce the speed below to avoid violations” language barrier? You need to learn more from tutorials section before you get more violations.

Sorry reading your msgs doesn’t seems like you have problem with English.

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I believe the reason for getting a violation is because when your descending, you set flaps to a certain degree and spoilers to flight. Once you reduce the speed, set flaps 10 degrees for example. The slower you get, the lower the flaps go. Lowering the flaps and setting the spoilers to flight will reduce the speed and keep it steady at the speed you want it at.

If someone has a better explanation, go ahead.

This happened to me when i was a noob. Some aircraft like the B777 dont have the ability to descent and lose speed even with spoilers,

Therefore I normally use spoilers and -1000fpm descent for the plane. It’s very possible that the plane gained speed during the descent

However, with your new Mach speed being M0.73, you have lost the evidence to report a bug as you did not show how the speed setting was before the vio, so could be definitely your mistake

flew normally. I did not get a single warning for the whole flight. I wanted descente and suddenly but suddenly the plane was on M.093 I did not understand it at all. and I would never fly to M.093 with an A330. I do not know how it happened. but that was not my fault.

I’m tryna get around this topic, were you descending or flying and got the violation? Only reason I could think you got the violation is because you were descending.

and I have not started the descent yet! I was still flying. I have not started the descent yet. So that was no overspeed on descent

That is almost impossible.
If you are cruising Autopilot will automatically set your desired speed.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but its either:

  • you were cruising at M0.93
  • you forgot to leave autopilot on

but then again there is no way the sim gave you a false violation.

Simple solution upload replay file. Problem solved.

I think nobody understands me here … But I never flew to M.093. I went up to FL350 with 310 kts! and then had a speed of M.081 or M.082 had. then I went to sleep! When I woke up, I checked where I was. so I planned my descent and suddenly I get a warning even though I was on M.082. I first thought it was a bug. but then I got the Violation even though I was never on M.093.

I’m going to drop this here,


Yeah I saw that that’s why I knew it wasn’t IF.

Nobody can see if it’s bug or other problems by looking at the image…even for the devs it will be hard to see it’s bug from image. If you want to prove you are in the right then my recommendation would be upload replay file.


Yeah its alteady Loaded ! Omg what an laggy Game man 310kts in the air is M.093 ok copy .

The reason it’s weird you say you on level flight…Yes the altitude level but your speed increasing and you are turning right slightly but the wind coming from right. Link the file here. It will be interesting to see. It’s really over speed if AP try to disconnect you see that on altitude lines too.