I got a violation for interfering with another plane. I have no idea how this happened or how I could have avoided it

I was on final approach 2000 FL Runway in sight no controll tower (ATC). Another plane not landing at the same airport crossed my path. I got the violation Which seems totally unfair as the other plane was flying in my space below a permissible flightpath level for a plane passing through. I am really frustrated and disappointed with this app. I keep thinking if there was an alternative I would find it because anytime I fly in a controlled or uncontrolled environment I get totally surprised by violation out of the blue. It’s really frustrating and diminishes the enjoyment of playing this app. My recommendation would be for all the types of violations one can get on this app that there is a specific tutorial to tell you what to do in each situation. I would go through every single one so that I can understand More fully the parameters of all flight environments. It’s very frustrating and really negatively impacts the experience when there are violations you were not even aware of or have ever gotten any instruction how to avoid. It feels like the system is set up against you which I realize it is not on purpose. But there needs to be a more methodical framework for learning all of the various rules in which you could potentially get a violation and how to avoid them.

Did you get a violation or were you reported?

Which violation did you get? You can see this in your logbook.

The only thing could be that you were reported by the other user, even though it seems as though you did nothing wrong. Receiving a violation for just that is impossible. Check your logbook like suggested, if you received a violation, it may be for something else!

Users can’t report unless they are a moderator or above the only possibility is he was reported by ATC.

ATC cannot report users from other fields, that is abuse of ghosting power. You were either ghosted by a Moderator or “The Selected Few” that have said power. ;)

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As a lot of people have said, check your log book, next to your flight should be a marking that says 1 violation, or something, please tap that and send a screen shot, that will help a lot.

I think he is referring to a report it isn’t a violation once you get a report you can’t fly in that server for a week.You could’ve also avoided that by coming off your flight plan and flying around the plane.

You can’t stay on your FPL the whole flight

Yes stay fpl whole flight

Guys, let’s not rush to what is going on and get the verdict from the pilot about what was reported and what it says in his log book. Having 30 different users trying to help the situations only confuses the person.

@Chris_S started the convo, now lets see what @bstilp has to say once he is able to review it


I’m his trying to help him out

Lorne that is not what your suppose to do you are looking for a granted ghost

Will address it via pm.

Again, if you are replying to a post that has nothing to do with the original post, it may be best to do it via pm.