I got a violation because of my APPR

I never used APPR for landing in 2500 hours of flying. Manual always from 1500 AGL. It’s the best way to improve pilot skills. Great fun too. Now, especially with live replay you can correct errors. I am correcting these even today inspite of so many hours.
Seriously always land manual is my 2 bits.

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Due to the fact that you were the pilot of the aircraft, it is your fault as you should be monitoring what was going on. One thing o do recommend is that you don’t use APPR as it’s a bit dodgy and honestly, you get more pride in making your own landings so I don’t see the point.

In conclusion this is your fault and you should be responsible for your own aircraft

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Do you set brakes on for landing? That’s right precedure but some don’t do it because it brakes too hard upon touch down. Anyways the reason I’m saying this…after touch down the aircraft’s will be hard to steer unless it’s slowing down. If you dont brake or reverse thrust it will take longer to steer. (Appr must have been wind or wrong calibration)

Take a look at this video - YouTube

That’s why I never use APPR…

I landed in Atlanta today as well and I had 50kt winds on runway 8R, I was on appr too in the A330 and the same thing happened

Yeah, its horrible I try my best to limit myself to not getting violations =, but they still happen

You can’t do autoland on high winds. Heavy 747 max 10…15kts, 737 25kts head/xWind

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Yeah, I took off 7 minutes ago and now passing now thru FL220, and the winds are 87@197

Read this please. :)

At the time of your landing (1235Z), you would have been experiencing wind gusts up to 39knts, crosswind. That would be your problem, Pilot error.


Yeah after reading through everyones reply, I understand but thank you anyways for helping me. BTW what is that app you use to check winds

That app is windy.com, the picture was taken from the iOS app though not the website.

Thank you very much ;)