I got a violation because of my APPR

After a long over night flight from NZAA I landed at KATL the APPR made mo go to the right making me go off the runway soon after I realized I corrected the issue by turning off A/P and turned towards the runway. But I still got this violation

Hmm… thats strange. How windy was it when you were landing?

Real windy, I’m going to end the flight because I have been parked here at the gate spotting, and I will play the replay and take some screenshoots of my landing

Thats probably why it went off the runway. I’m not really sure though, because I landed on windy days and that rarely happens to me. Mainly because I almost never land with APPR.

Yeah I don’t use APPR for landings, since I learned to use the HUD but because it was windy I didn’t want to deal with the wind

Those are some of the pictures of the full landing from the replay


The last one isn’t part of the landing :)

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BTW This is all happening while I try to move the rudder so my plane goes back into the runway

Honestly, in such high winds, I would manually take control of the airplane once I hit the glide slope


So from what I see in those pictures are is that you probably did not use any rudder. That is what caused you to go off the runway because you were angled to go off the runway.


Just like in real life APPR has its limitations. You should not use APPR if crosswinds are >15knots, headwinds are >30knots, or a tail wind greater than 5knots. Also, APPR will not de-crab, so you have to manually take control. Looking from the pictures, you should have gone around and tried again. Landing on gusty days certainly makes me respect what pilots have to go through.


I used the runway when I first touched down I was using the rudder

APPR is only for no Wind landings.

My suggestion to that would be use a tiny bit before you touch down so you’re angled right on the center line or close to it on the runway.



@Joseph007 is spot on. You can use appr (not suggested) with a cross wind. As you’re about 40 feet or so, take control of the rudder and angle yourself with the center line. You’re plane won’t like it, but it’ll keep you on the runway

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I had the same problem in KATL with a B77L. It was about 40kt crosswind and the APPR tried to approach the runway but the plane was too far to the right and it didn’t correct this wrong approach. I noticed that just in time, when I had enough time to manually correct the approach. But the strong winds pushed me from the runway after touch down (I used my rudder but the wind was to strong). I got the max taxi speed warning but was able to brake fast and enter the runway again.
(I hate manual crosswind landings)

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The winds are high, because there is a huge storm passing by Atlanta, and will effect airports all the way up to Boston later today.

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Me, too but sadly I was not able to correct, my landing

Yeah, I saw the weather radar, the sad part about was that as soon as landed the wind was back to normal. ( By normal I mean somewhat calm winds) ( I landed at 42kts when I arrived at the gate and stayed there for about 10-20 minutes, they went down to 10kts)

Sounds like some of you haven’t done your studying on the APPR mode. Here’s a refresher for you guys!

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