I got a violation after suddenly my AP disengaged for any known reason

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20.2 (472)

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iPad (7th generation) 14.0.1


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There was a violation for me about over speeding in flight and it looks like it’s after my Autopilot disconnected. I wasn’t active that time it happened and didn’t click on any buttons…

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  • launch IF
  • Step 2 Autopilot disconnects in flight
  • Step 3

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I don’t know. Maybe a bug.

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What aircraft?

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It’s the 77W

Could you give instructions to reproduce, instead of immediately going from the first step of all issues to the final result?

What ALT/ weight/ match

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I launched IF. Got in to the flight. Cruised at Fl370. Later autopilot disconnects for unknown reason.

Fl370 Mach 84. I could share my replay if it could help.

What was your percentage load?

I had about 15000 LBS cargo and with about 190 passengers

How much fuel?

It was put on 9h for about a 7hr30 flight

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Ok…based on the fuel requirements for that length of flight plus passengers and cargo…I can say that you likely went too high for your weight, you ended up stalling and going into a dive.

If you can’t give us steps to actually reproduce the issue in full detail and it’s just a random occurrence, chances are it’s a one time thing. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t reproduce your own issue at least two times after the incident to not report it in my eyes. Things like this that don’t have much detail and steps to actually reproduce don’t get far.

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Well. I was at fl340 first after cruising. I went at fl370 later on

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Ah right. What was your load upon climbing to FL370?

It was at about 60%

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It happened in Canada after crossing the Atlantic.

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That’s still very high. If you see Andrew’s tutorial below, you’ll notice that FL370 is too high, likely causing a stall.

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Do you have live flight connect on your computer? If yes, was it open?

I do not. And no it wasn’t open.