I Got A Real Camera lol @KSTS

I finally got an actual camera for good quality pics lol
The winds were in my favor today at STS, I got some really nice shots with planes arriving from the south!

First up, I got an Alaska 737 from SEA.

Next up, a small plane that I don’t know the name of, but it looked cool so I took some pics of it

Now an Alaska Embraer E175 getting ready to take off to SEA.

American Airlines Embraer E175 coming from DFW

And that’s it for this spotting topic :D

Camera: Cannon EOS Rebel


This guy’s gonna be a natural


Cool pictures. How much was the camera? I’m trying to find a nice camera


Somewhere around 1,500 dollars I think

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Wow, alright then

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Damn, I have an EOS 90D and a 70-200mm and it didn’t cost that much! Must be a fantastic piece of kit you have, I’ll be sure to keep high expectations!

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Yeah, what made it expensive was the zoom lens that I got for it so that’s why lol


I have a camera so I should start using it :)

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Nice!! I didn’t know you had an IFC account lol

lol i didn’t know either

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Ah sweet, always good to have a decent telephoto. Which one did you get?

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It’s a 300mm zoom lens :D

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Thats cool. What body have you got?

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Not sure actually lol

An EOS Rebel? And a 300mm lens? For $1,500? 🤨


Yeah, unless your lens has a white barrel you need to return that ASAP because you got scammed.


I don’t know the exact price. This camera is from 2005 so idk where it was purchased from, and I don’t know what type of an EOS it is. I just estimated.

I believe the rebel is a bit lower range than $1500.

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Did you just purchase it now in 2022? Or was it one of those cameras that your parents just had sitting around the house?

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It’s not been sitting around, it’s used quite often, but it was purchased in 2005.