I got a question

Hello everybody,
I was just reading the IF site about the pro subscription page and I didn’t really get this: once your subscription has expired do you lose all the aircraft’s that you unlocked before?

Yes, once your subscription expires you go back to the free version of Infinite Flight with only the free regions and aircraft


Ugh really


lol, it sucks but it would be counterintuitive and effectively make it a one-time purchase instead of a sub


Because I’m the site they say the same thing you say and that you can only keep items purchased separately

the seperately purchased items are from before global i think


It’s kind of like what the airlines do for about half the commercial aircraft in the world: they have a leasing arrangement rather than own the aircraft outright. You pay for the use of the asset.

A long time ago you could essentially buy aircraft and then keep it without the pro subscription that feature has since been done away with.

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Oooh so they didn’t update the site then?

It’s updated.
But just clarification for the users who have purchased individual items in the past (before 2017/2018).

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