I Got A New Phone And It Looks All Zoomed In

Hey so as it’s Christmas (Merry Christmas) I got a new phone. I got the iPhone 11. I upgraded from the iPhone 8. So I’ve downloaded Infinite Flight and it looks really zoomed in like the buttons, like the flaps and gear buttons look really big and the plane looks small. But on my 8 the plane is big and the buttons are small that’s how I preferred it! Is there anyway to fix this issue?

iPhone 11 Below

iPhone 8 Below

See there’s a difference between the two! I prefer the bottom one but it’s not like that on my new phone! Any solutions?


You have a bigger screen to work with on the iPhone 11, so, everything that’s displayed is essentially tweaked to fit and work with that bigger screen.


Yeah, Thanks I Just Hate The Way It Is But I Guess I’ll Have To Get Used To It!

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Not just the size, but the aspect ratio: The 8 is 16:9 whereas the 11 is 19:9 iirc, thus being longer than the 8


I‘m a little bit confused. The iPhone 8 looks more zoomed in as the iPhone 11. Also you need to know that the iPhone 11 notch (the part where you will find your front camera and sensors) needs some space and that’s why the buttons can’t be right at the screen edge like on the iPhone 8.


Thanks Yeah I Understand Now But I Do Prefer The IPhone 8 Screen But I’ll Get Used To It, And I Think It’s Just The Picture Making The IPhone 8 More Zoomed In I Don’t Know, I’m Really Used To Small Screens Haha!

I also got an IPhone 11 earlier today! Man Infinite Flight looks so good on it. Yes I do agree it looks a little zoomed out. I was on a 6s 😬

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Yeah it looks really good on the iPhone 11 I can finally have my graphics up to high anti alising on and Airplane Count To Very High! Just it looks zoomed out and I’m used to the iPhone 8 but we will get used to it haha!

It’s better on iPad I recommend next time get an iPad it’s a lot easier , I would say you just have to get used to it sorry my friend

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Yeah, I really don’t like ipads but I guess I’ll get used to it! I’ve been flying since Christmas Day and I’m starting to get used to it. Thanks!

Coming from my experience with the XR, I can say that it is the same on there. I used to have a 6S which never could load I.F


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