I got a NAV1 question

NAV1 is necessary if you are flying a VOR, LOC, ILS, ADF approach or a VOR Arc type of approach. If you are flying a flight via VORs or ADFs then you will likely want to be in NAV 1 so you can adjust your inbound/outbound course. But that’s a bit more advanced navigation. But it’s there nonetheless for those that can figure it out.


If you were past the entry line for the come, your AP may have decided it needed to line you up with the LOC at the edge of the come again. You should switch to to NAV1 before entering the cone

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BINGO! Will definitely try to test that out today!

Thank you all for your great answers! I’ll try to get some sleep (it just turns 06:00am at WADD and I just got back home) and later today will try experimenting with what to do (or not) with NAV1

-> at IF’s favourite secret test site (TNCM, lol!).

I’ll be taking all your inputs into account today, cheers guys!

…and Deer, why on earth my fav DC character is on your pic profile!😂

Because Margot Robbie is a doll. Top tier actress. One of my favs. 😊


Good question,nice read. Personally I figured out nav1 and GPS navigation peculiarities when 20,1 came out by doing Touch and Goes… Jumping to a nearby airport flying visual and instrument approaches. Also choosing between aircraft that have APPR and those that don’t… For example the A380 easily smoothly lines up to the RWY centerline much easier than an A350 or 787 no wild correction swings…learn a lot in Solo before going on fully fledged Expert when new software is released.

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One question. Nav1 does not align me with the center of the runway. At the beginning the descent goes well but when there are only a few meters left to touch the ground the plane is misaligned almost to touch on the taxiway.

Yep, that’s true, just found that out as well. I’ve just recorded several NAV1 test flights today at WADD which have only one NAV1 enabled on one side of its runway - didn’t find any problems I described above except for the misalignment, same as yours.

Maybe some airports just needed updating? Or NAV1 signals generally do not have to be aligned dead center on runway? (Mine took me to the taxiway tho😅)

Currently en-route KLAX - KBOIS - KLAX to test this again if anyone wanna join in!😋
(Cross winds there usually are 60-80ish kts!)

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In some cases eg high winds you have to use Rudder to keep the nose aligned to the centerline. Just keep the nose ring dead centered on the two landing markers…also the trick is to start this correction process immediately after you engage NAV1 preferably 8nm from the runway…if you try correcting 3nm to the RWY it will be stressful… Also lock in your landing speed as soon as you drop your landing gear.