I got a level 1 violation as a result of a Bug

I was flying into MMMX on the 05R ILS approach. I was on APPR mode when the aircraft randomly fell out the sky. My parameters were normals, I had no stall warning and many others have experienced this issue. In attempts to stop I got a violation for the overspeed. Could I get this one removed?

The replay: Share My Infinite Flight

Best thing to do is go to @appeals with your replay handy, this violation can be removed as a result of a bug.

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Alright, only thing is that Appeals can only deal with 2 and 3 violations is that so they stop getting spam for Level ones?

If you are issued a Level 1 violation that was caused by game error, you can get that removed as long as you have your replay handy.

Most of the time, Level 1 violations are pilot error, that is why they aren’t appealed.

Gotcha thank you

Hi @Flying_dutchman1

Unfortunately I think you set your speed too low and your aircraft was unable to maintain the glideslope. I assume you had some cargo on board? 140kts may have been too slow for the weight that you had on board.

I have attached the image where your SPD hold dropped you to 140kts, look at your velocity vector in relation to the runway and your AoA. This is indicative of a stall.