I got 2 violations for nothing!

I realised as I came back upstairs with my IF flight on I had went up to 255 IAS as yes I accept that.I exited out the game . I got 2 violations but they did not appear on my profile page. I went on another and after I finished that, I made sure I had no violations, but it said i had 2 violations and when I go back to my page its says 4?

Firstly you will never got a violation for nothing.


Well i did.


Well you said your speed went up to 255IAS so you if you were under 10k ft you maybe got an overspeed violation


that what i said i got 2 violations for it.But they didn’t register. i went on another flight and got 2 for nothing

Maybe your status page took a while to actualise.


it said in the flight report 2 though.

It takes a while for the stats page to update


i know but why 4 when i broke the rules twice?

Then you maybe broke another rule in the flight, because[quote=“grxninesix, post:2, topic:79842”]
you will never got a violation for nothing.

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What other violations can you get except speed?

There is one violation for acrobatics (too high bank angle)
Landing on a too small airport

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As @grxninesix says , it not like the developers are out to get you and turn your IF experience into a violation nightmare , it is completely the opposite ! Im sure there is a logical explanation for this , maybe just try retracing/rethinking the events leading up to the violation occurring again ?

I want this to be a bug , but I’m I’m pretty sure it not the apps fault rather a issue of "pilot error " instead. :)


Staying on a rumway for a long time without moving

Landed at KPDX with a 787.


That should be fine, I think

I know yeah, i think its a bug as a double amount of violations have been given.

At the end of the day they reset after 3 days so if you aren’t too bothered then don’t worry about the violations , but i know it would be good to know the cause of the violations. Maybe in a future update there can be a list telling us all of our violations and why we got them ?


Yeah its fine just really close to grade 4 bit annoyed xD. But yeah that would be a good feature to add in.


technically you can go up to 259 or 260 without getting violation