I get ghosted by system after 2 seconds?

I get ghosted 3 seconds after i get a warning,I did not even have time to read the warning and level off or do something about it, i got ghosted over an uncontrolled airport you need to remove my violation.

Hold up, first tell us what you were doing which caused the violations

What was the violation for

canyon run over a small uncontrolled airport i have the replay its too long though so i screen recorded

my point is it took 2 seconds to ghost me WTH

But what was th violation for?

Export the replay and send it to me via the address below. I’ll review it.


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Aerobotic men…

Violations just don’t get reversed for no reason

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Which is why the replay will be exported to a moderator in which they will review it…

email it to you?

Yes. You’ll click on the replay, then click “share”. It’ll give you a few options on how you want to share it. Click on the method that will allow you to email it. Just send it to the email I shared above and I’ll be able to watch it.

its too long should i send the screen recording?

I can imagine that this would make the mods life much more easier


That’s ok. It’ll still send regardless of length. I’ve sent 14hr flights to others just fine. 🙂

hang on ill send it now

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I figured creating an email address would be simpler to send and receive replays.


skip to 19:30

im in GAF lmao

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Everyone not named DeerCrusher can relax now