I get 4 violations for a game bug

Hello tonight I made a night flight, but when reaching cruising altitude the plane started to swing abruptly and fell into loss, I received 4 violations, but what I do not understand is why that happened if I was going to .84M a good speed. so I wanted to know what I can do with the violations, because it’s a game error
Here the replay video: https://youtu.be/ucQbldGu46I


Hey maybe you can share replay and then we can get better understanding of what happend.

Or upload it on youtube and share link.

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I would recommend slowing down a bit

I would check this topic out!


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Did someone disengage your auto pilot? Was someone around your device during flight?

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I live lonely :(

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He wasn’t redlining. He stalled.


@DIEGO11 how heavy were you? What was your load percentage?

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I never will understand why these posts are flagged.

I hope a Moderator or staff will review your flight, and remove the violations. It may not happen since it isn`t a report.

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Like 66% 777-300

Probably why the AP turned off.

Ok then the fact you went too high isn’t the issue here - 36000ft at 66% load is fine

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See the video ;)

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Btw the 777-300ER has been known to have this kind of issue before.

What V/S did you climb at?

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@BennyBoy_Alpha 2200vs

All the way to cruise? Or did you lower your V/S as you went higher

Reaching 25,000ft i slow down to 2200vs

What was your initial climb rate (ie after takeoff to 25000ft)

@BennyBoy_Alpha 2500/2400

Hmmmmm…I have a hunch that this is the reason why you were bobbing up and down.

You climbed at too high a V/S at too high an altitude - this is an issue that was present in the A321 which was fixed in the 19.2 update.

The issue with this plane will hopefully be fixed in the B777 Rework Update

Could @schyllberg or another mod perhaps confirm

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