I Found This on FlightAware...

I’m on FlightAware looking for a flight, and I find this on the radar:

Can someone explain this?


Shoot, forgot to put it in RWA… Thank’s to whoever moved it!

Shark week!
Southwest is apart of Shark week’s 30th anniversary


Wow. What a sense of humor! 😂😂😂


Makes sense, Shark week!

I do have to admit, at first I thought that was fishy


That’s a really cool thing for FlightAware to do.

For future reference, feel free to post finds like this on this thread. It says FlightRadar24 findings, but it’s the same.

Oh, I was guessing FlightAware just signed a contract with a shark tracking program lol, oh wait what’s it doing in the middle of flamen nowhere lol 😂

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Very funny😂🤣😂😂😂. I first thought Flightaware was tracking sharks


Dun dun…dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN!! U better watch ur back because what if a sneaky shark plane is above ya 😏


Hmmm interesting! That’s quite funny though!

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Oh I remember seeing that shark and I looked at it and I was like oh it’s SWA shark thing ,funny thing is the way it was going had the mouth of the shark on top of another plane so it looked like a shark eating a plane

This like Christmas time. When there is a Santa image flying around on flightradar24

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I flew on that plane last week!

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