I found the solution for the invisible airports bug

Have you ever had the bad experience of approaching an airport and seeing it’s not there, like in this case?:

In many cases the help you receive from the IFC is: “Clear data”, “restart your device”. And that doesn’t really work (at least not in my case)

So today I was landing at MMMX and I experienced that bug, there was no airport. So I tried to change the 3D Object Density in the Graphics menu and guess what? That’s the solution :)

Disclaimer: I don’t really know if this has been discovered before, but I didn’t find any topic.


This way also works for me. But usually, I clear the cache first, then change the 3D Object Density and yeah, it’s work.


The new easier solution is to update to the hotfix that solves this:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


oopsie, thanks for telling me! I didn’t know about that