I found shane randomly in seattle

@Shane i saw you, in expert from atlanta to seattle, i was coming in and i see shane

idk if you saw me, but i definitely did hehe


Hey! When posting a image, there shouldn’t be the HUD in it.

Also, this thread would be the best place to post this:


sorry, i was just trying to take a pic and when i landed he had already taken off, i was on final

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No worries! I’d suggest you post in the topic above if you happen to spot community members around :)

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ok thanks!

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Haha, I’m flattered that you made a topic for this, but like @TheAviationGallery said, Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4 (Part 1) would be the best place to put something like this. But yes, I did see ya. ;)


Post spotting of individuals in the topic linked above.