I found Devil’s Tower??? (Not really)

It all started with a random letter generator....

I found Devils Tower??? (Not really)

If you guys didn’t know, I like to fly to the most random places on Infinite Flight. Lately, one of those projects is my Jizan flyout. Please check it out…

It brought me to SWJY, an airport in Brazil. Now right when I spawn in, I saw this (I thought it looked like Devil’s Tower):

Now for those who haven’t seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind yet, here is a video showcasing the place.

Now, I flew towards the weird landmark and this happens:

Well, now it doesn’t look like Devils Tower, what a let down…

I tried landing, this happened…

(Went through the airport itself)

Then I saw this…

I looked up the location and literally there is nothing…


Information about “Devils Tower”

  • Airport ICAO: SIRU
  • Coordinates: -16.919083, -54.076250

Wow that’s crazy

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It’s a airport editing bug, the elevation was set incorrectly. Most of these are gone now, good find!

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LOL that’s funny. I am from Brazil and this must be the home of our former president = devil’s tower

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I never knew that Brazil’s formal president lived in a Airport…

I meant Brazil’s former president is the Devil

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I’m on casual doing my best to get into space LOL

1st attempt - failed
2nd attempt - TODAMOON!!!

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He must have been a very bad president

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Send us your space photos!

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Uploading a replay. I only got to 1 million feet.

In the meantime here is one of my previous attempts.

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Got it. Lol


Thank you for the replay

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