I found another Bermuda Triangle...

I dk if it’s me or if there’s a glitch, or what, but every time I turn on final to CASE in aspen, my plane starts acting like its possessed. This is in the Denver area btw. All the controls become sluggish, the throttle reacts backwards(more throttle translates n2 less throttle). Pitch and yaw are virtually uncontrollable. This only happens in live, I’ve landed successfully every time in solo. Any one else have these probs? O yeah, imo CASE is the most difficult airport to land, so far. Haven’t tried all of them yet. It’s ROUGH. 😱


I’ll give it a go when I get back from school later on :)

KASE Aspen?

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Want a tough approach? Try Big Bear (L35) at SoCal…enjoy…


Doesn’t happen to me. Was there high winds?

Little Hands in San Francisco is way harder. Big Bear isn’t that hard…


It sounds like your mobile support was suffering some data overload, which was causing sluggish commands and delays. Try once more…after restarting all over again…🙂

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Right you are…that’s the one i was goin for …bit confused today…

shouldn’t this be in #support

It is mostly live and support.

One word. Lag.

Yup…victim of autocorrect . Aspen KASE

Sounds yummy. I will . Thx.

I’ve checked that every time, absolutely perfect weather. No crosswinds…nothin. Which is weird, considering it’s surrounded by mountains.

Nah, perfect weather. I’ve been usin autopilot a lot, n I’ve noticed the same things after engaging and releasing the autopilot several times in a flight. Thinking it might have somethin to do with that. Tried re-calibrating, and it corrects a little, not much. Gonna try it agin here n a few mins, I usually fly Denver to aspen, it’s a long flight, gonna c what the ap does this time.

Thx, gonna try it.

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I will. Thx.

Yup, didn’t know where to put it, cause it does involve both.

That’s always a possibility I guess. I’ve got charter, and about the only good thing about charter is there net. I get 60mbps max, it usually runs about 40 to 50 on average. Ya never know when you’re gonna lag out though.

My internet sucks too, but not as much as to lagging IF, sometimes.