I found an incomplete airport

Hello recently visited a few air force bases, so two in particular are incomplete the two airports are Guam PGUA about 90% incomplete lacks taxi ways spawn points and nellis KLSV airforce base lacks spawn points who do i get in tuch with for the notification of this issue with airport dev would like to see these two completed I have future va plans for both of them

Please check this topic, fill out the form if you find innacuracy at aerodromes and the airport editing team will edit it at there earliest conviniences.

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If you would like to help and reduce the number of incomplete airports, you can help by joining the Airport Editing Team…


They didn’t make every airport as detailed as the next. Some airports are a simple grass strip, others are complex like KJFK, KORD, EGLL, etc.

Incorrect. We strive to make every airport as detailed as possible, however, it’s not possible to get to every one right away. It takes time and effort. A little over 2,000 of the 40,000 worldwide airports have been completed to mirror real life.


Yes is their any way I maybe able to work on the airport myself ?

To help out…

Join the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team
Make sure to email contact@airportediting.com to join :).


Roger that I’ll go check it out


Thanks guys!