I found an event with '' A320 LATAM.


I was doing a ‘’ VFR ‘’ flight with my cessna and I found this group flying together. From what I understand, they are celebrating the new LATAM Painting recently added to the ‘’ A320 ‘’, we crossed the path.


That’s definitely IFBR.


If I do not misunderstand are two groups, IFBR and iFM, I think these are two Brazilian groups, I just know that I found it very organized…


There are several Brazilian groups, but the group is “FlightMobile” with the participation of the “IFBR” with the life of the new aircraft of Latam (TAM)

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Look at you from cessna.


Not this time. I participated in this event; it was organized by “Flight Mobile” (also Brazilian). It turns out that the IFBR has a partnership with this group, so some IFBR members usually cooperate.

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I reccomend posting it on here :)

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