I found a nice Glitch

Hello, I accidentally discovered a wonderful glitch that could be an addition to the number of shooting angles and it might be considered a new camera mode now.
On the b737-9


That’s not really a glitch…
That’s just because the B737 model is transparent

This is not a glitch just so you know. This is something special on the B739

I don’t know exactly what it is.

@AviatorFares That is why

Here! Have a read at this

Just to clarify for you, most of the aircraft in the game do not have an interior, a few do, for example the 717 and the CRJ family. The 737 Family does not have a interior, it’s just the outside and the cockpit. There will be an interior eventually, please be patient. Otherwise, look at @MJP_27‘s topic above.

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