I found a new working Screen recording app

This one is free and there are no jailbrakes.It’s great

Here: http://savagepool.com


Not an issue for my fellow Android brethren ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴


Android 7.1.1 😏 we da best


And on the S7, things are made even easier with the choice of having the IF recorder or the in house Samsung Game Mode recorder.

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Go team android! 😏 We da best!


Yeah, I’ve shared this link before in the Lounge. AirShou isn’t that great.

At least apples don’t explode

Just sayin.

Will check it out when im home


iOS or android? Please state this in the title

It’s AirShou. Works on both, but you already have the recording function for Android.

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Can’t you record on android through the settings?

Yes, that’s what I said

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Meh I’ve already checked it out
Its AirShou

For those people on iOS, just give up on AirShou
It needs internet connection (for AirPlay)
Just use Quicktime Player on yor Mac (which you should have ;) )
Careful though, if you’re listening to the audio from your Mac there will be a slight delay
Its also easier to edit, just drag the recording to iMovie and you’re set!

Android 7.1.1? You mean 6.1.1?

No. I have android 7.1.1 nouget 😏😎

My screen recorder which comes with my phone👆

That’s looks REAL safe lol

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