I found a mistake in the CRJ-200

i found a mistake in the CRJ-200 BTW
in the inside right when the main door closes there is a gap in between.

Yeah, what is it? and screenshot


@THE_RUSSIAN_KID you are creating lots of unnecessary topics and you’ve not even been here for a full day yet.

I recommend using the search feature in future, and small things like this don’t require a full topic.

Please give this a read. Thanks.

More so to this point, there are going to be small mistakes on certain aircraft, and as it’s on the inside of an aircraft, it’s hardly a top priority issue at the moment. No need to nitpick on small details.


i am on it

This will most likely never be fixed, as it is such a small and minor thing. Instead, why don’t we focus on more important things, like the 777 rework!


Can we please be a little more welcoming? Someone sees something wrong and people are all “Nobody uses that view” or “Its a small thing”. C’mon be better than that.

@THE_RUSSIAN_KID this is a known issue and will be addressed sometime in the future.