I found a glich in the on-board computers

I found a glich in the on-board computers of the a320 and Xcub family.
As I turned on the cabin with the master button, I could see the on-board computers disappearing and turning green!!!
Look at the pictures I’ve taken!!!



Please solve this glich.


Looks fine to me when booting them up?

Please provide more detailed info such as:

  • Device
  • Precise steps to reproduce

Looks like you need to align the IRS, but that isnt in IF lol.
Does it change when you change airport or speed?


Oh, the A320 glitch occasionally happens to me when I fly with my slightly more low end Galaxy J7+ but not when I fly with my Ipad Air 2 so I assume it is related to the device ability to handle the working screens.

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Mine is Huawei mediapad m5 10. 8

I’ve got something similar, mainly when I approach for landing. It flashes and shows wrong colors and then turns back to normal.

will keep an eye to check if I can reproduce.
Seems like the same…

Samsung S8.

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It can be the same as mine

could be, that’s why I 2ill try to reproduce.

it could be also memory issue since it happens to me when I approach landing, so planes are loading.

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I don’t know what the possible Causes are.

If it’s flickering from time to time, there will be fix in a coming update. There might still be similar symptoms even with that fix though due to CPU - GPU sync, but it should be a lot less.


but i don’t flicker every now and then does so every two seconds.

That’s something you left out though ;)
This is why as detailed information as possible is required when posting in #support

But my answer still applies, it’s known :)


Just one question. How does he do you you citate my post??? I wish I could do it too! :)

Not sure 😂

Just highlight it and you press quote

Mark the text you want to quote and click/tap “Quote”

But then how do you do it! :)

A ok so thank you

Wait until I try

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