I found a bug

Hello IF staff! I’m not sure if your aware of this but when I try to take a look at my “grade table”, I will click on the symbol and it closes the app and crashes. I tried it on 3 devices and it did it on all 3!

Also thanks for the wonder 20.1‼️

Known issue. It’s due to the high traffic. Will be fixed soon

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Guys, not everything is due to high traffic. It’s not the new “Clear scenery cache” thing :)
This seems to be a real deal in some cases, which we are looking into.

@Steven_Tellmann - current callsign and display name?

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Callsign: Coastguard0700
Display name:GLIDER-1

Thanks for the help

Thank you!
I found a corresponding crash log and have forwarded it to the developers :)

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Awesome! Glad I could help ☺️

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