I forgot to put down my gear while landing and did a belly landing. Am I gonna get ghosted?

This was in the expert server by the way.

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Usually the controller won’t ghost you unless you sit on the runway. If you do land and you cannot do anything, just leave the flight.


No you won’t, but you may if you stay on the runway or don’t move. I suggest leaving the server quickly.

Darn @Kamryn barely beat me.


As soon as I realized, I left the server immediately after so I hopefully I should be good.

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Are the passengers alright tho?


I hope lol

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If I was controlling when I saw that happen, I would not report them.


Because you are not allowed. You need to send the arriving traffic on final around. Only if the aircraft doesn’t react anymore and blocks the active runway for a longer time, then we can issue a violation. Is also dependent on the tollerance of the ATC.

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Omg I’m such an idiot I hit the gear button before I touched down and the gears retracted

I just noticed that now looking back at the replay

Can you still able to taxi?

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I left the flight after I touched down because I realized there and then that I forgot the gears


I am a IFATC, and yes it is apart of the tolerance of the ATC, however most people would not, from experience

You should be good if you left it right away

I personally don’t report for people landing without gear, and I’ll be 100% honest, I’ve forgotten sometimes too.

Instead of a report, you’ll probably hear a little chuckle from the control tower.

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Yes I know that. I’m one as well though

Same, happened to me recently on Expert. The biggest clue is when you don’t hear the countdown 50, 40, 30, 20 10.
If it does happen, don’t wait on the runway trying to figure out as that will increase the chance of getting a violation but not for forgetting to deploy the gears

If you touch down on your belly and come to a complete stop, there’s a glitch where you can still extend the landing gear, and continue to taxi

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Hmm didnt know that