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Hello, IFC

I had a pretty stressful week so I decided to fly a bit to improve my mood and forget about life for a bit :P

I found a Piper student flight that was booked by 2 people and asked if I could come along as a passenger. They said yes, so I went along as a passenger. This is a great trick I’ve used many times already to get free flights and watch flight lessons from an outside perspective to improve thy skills for free.

Here are some pictures from this flight!

The student, instructor and I (the parasite) took off from Lognes airfield (LFPL) and departed east for about an hour. We then did some exercises in the Reims area, did some 60-70-degree turns for fun and then went south to see some villages. We then returned through Coulommiers (LFPK), over a few castles and back home.
This was done in a PA28-181

Doing engine runs whilst supervised by the towah

French engineering going nyoom

A cell tower and a highway

Some fancy wind turbines

A fancy bright blue lake

A nice village!

Flying over an old military base area near LFPK

Le Golf Course

Flying next to the Disney empire

Lognes Airfield (LFPL) and some traffic

Last but not least, Lognes RER station, built on top of a lake

That’s it, that’s all, folks!

I’ll probably be doing this whole free-flight thing a lot in the future because being a parasite is very profitable.

Thank you!



hopefully its better than DB :D

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Love the picks!

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Depends on the day :P


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So pretty! What great pictures.

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Thank you!

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