I forget my email

Hello guys i am a infinite flight player my phone was glitching so i deleted everything so i tryed to install it back i forget my email account can u help me get back me please guys help me all my hard work will be gone for a crazy thing that i did


I suggest you PM @schyllberg with your last known callsign and display name. If you forgot the password to the email, please send him your email address which you can no longer access. If you cannot remember your email address at all, just mention that when messaging him.

Hope this helped! :)


I hope he will replay because i really worked hard for this game

We all forget things from time to time, that makes us human. But of course, it’s always annoying. It’s never the end of the world though. If anyone is able to help you here, it’s Sebastian. I’m sure he’ll reply, but be patient 😊

All the best Jor!


All we can see on your account is a numerical Google-ID number. Not the actual email unfortunately.

So can i get it back

Please help me

Can i get it back???

Was your email the same one you used to sign up to the IFC?

Sir i have over 62 emails

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Three replies within 2 minutes won’t help you get it back faster ;)

Why do you have 62 email addresses?


Over years i always use email i was a instagram account username seller so by the time i had a lot of emails


Well unfortunately we can’t tell you which email address it is, as that information is not shared with us. All we have is a numerical id. Not sure if that would help you.

However, you should be able to find your account by trying to access it on an iOS device that is using the same Apple-ID used when purchasing your latest subscription.

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So if I provide you with every thing that I purchased i can get it back

Beca My apple id account is not working there is an problem with it and i have every proof you want

If it’s an apple issue, contact apple support. And talk to them… You can go through 62 emails and search apple id or recipient or something, and maybe you’ll get the email used for your id. because apple sent an email to that account saying your purchase went through…

Hey, unfortunately, we are unable to disclose the personally identifiable data of a user unless a request has been made directly from the account in question. This is in line with our privacy policy and the GDPR.


Ok guys i am conatcting apple now