I flew through parts of the atmosphere

I was bored one day so I decided to see how high I could fly the F-22
I did the flight in solo at around 2000Z. I was above KLAX


What was your AGL height?

145,000ft above ground


If this is a bug I hope it does NOT get fixed.

It’s not lol. If you would like I’ll PM you how I did it

tell me how to do it pls

If you want to know how to do the super illegal bug 😁😂 then please pm the person!

Also great photos!

If you actually want to go into space simply go as high as you can in an f22 and nosedive as fast as you can and you’ll go through the ground and eventually you’ll reach space!

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It actually is not a bug. I just went up to like 50,000 gave it full power and just went straight up. Until the plane stalled

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Nice photos - if you think about it, we always fly through “parts” of the atmosphere. We don’t live in space, unless there’s something you’re not telling us.

It does look like you made it to the outer reaches of said atmosphere however!


I get up to 60,000 ft and then lose airspeed… how do you do this exactly?

What I did was not really a glitch but basically I went up to 40,000ft in an f-22 and gave it full power for about 5 minutes. Then I pointed the plane straight up with full power until the plane stalled

  1. The bug isn’t illegal, it’s a fun harmless ‘feature’ that was found by beta testers and never removed due to the fun in it
  2. The method this user did was not illegal, they just throttled up and pulled up and used the energy to fling them high

oh my…Just joking 😂 I know what method the user used. But for someone asking how to do the bug is best to take it to a pm as the are here to compliment and give opinions on someone photos!