I flew Ryanair as an Aussie, here's my thoughts

Ryanair, it has legendary cheap fares and notoriously bumpy landings. And as an AvGeek (and because it was the only airline on the route) I gave it a shot to see what all the hype was about

Prices can be deceptive
When you think of Ryanair, you think of low prices, and sure 30 Euro sales sound amazing… until you get to their extras. The fact that you can easily triple the price of your flight just by adding a bag, a seat and a snack just seems to kill off some of the “wow, look how cheap it is” factor. For the airline, it’s great, they lure people in with the cheap fares and then constantly push the extras at every stage of the booking, but for the consumer, it’s one of those “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is” moments

What are bases?
The cool thing about Ryanair is they don’t seem to be too centralised, there’s none of this hub and spoke model that most airlines use (looking at you, Transavia). Want to fly from this small Spanish city to this even smaller French one? Ryanair most likely flies it. Personally, I flew from Sevilla in Spain to Marrakech in Morocco, doesn’t seem like it would be a popular route right? It was a completely full flight

Boarding was messy but it was better than the U.S
Small gate area, a full plane and tired and angry passengers, not great. However, with the two boarding lanes (priority and normal) it seemed to move more quickly. Priority went on first and the rest went on after, it worked, and the simplicity was incredible. After previously going through the U.S. it was a world of difference, The U.S seems to love having about 32 different groups, and pre-boarding with a special credit card was the icing on the cake for an overengineered, slow and annoying system over the pond

Comfort and service do not exist
When you fly Ryanair, forget about comfort and service. The seats have little padding, headrests are non-existent and they are so barebones you don’t even have a seat pocket. There was no welcome onboard and instead just a look that you’d done something wrong and on this one-hour flight, there was no food or drinks either. Now, this should probably go without saying, it’s a budget airline after all but if you do fly with them, bring a neck pillow and some chips!

It got me where I wanted to go
Ryanair is an experience, it’s swings and roundabouts and as I write this back in Australia, they did their job. They got me to where I wanted to go for an okay airfare and without much fuss and at the end of the day, even if the flight itself wasn’t perfect, it’s an hour or two of your life flying through the air at 700km/h and that I have to say, is pretty damn cool


You payed for the extras? That’s a rookie move when flying with Ryanair! Sneak a rucksack on and put the other back in a duty free one or something

In all seriousness though I found this enjoyable. Ryanair deserves a lot of credit based on the fact that they do what they say they do on the tin. People expect Emirates style service for an airfare that is less than lunch here in Ireland. Glad you enjoyed your trip! :))

Don’t give Ryanair any potential April Fool’s Day ideas. 😂 Next thing you know they might start Emirates-style service for anyone who pays up as a prank. 😂

That was interesting! I’ve personally flown Ryanair twice. My experience is that it is a flying bus company. It is nice when you go for a short holiday somewhere. Bringing more than a small carry-on is not the best idea. I traveled with only my backpack and we didn’t have to pay extra.
Ryanair gets you from place to place for a cheap fare IF AND ONLY IF you travel with only something that fits under the seat. I would say that it is comparable to long haul buses. Cheap, no service and the seats aren’t the most confortable

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