I flew in a DC-3 in New Zealand!

So this was a flight that definetly ticked off a few things from my bucket list! I was lucky enough to fly on a 74 year old DC-3 at Kapiti Airport near Wellington! Air Chathams was operating a series of these flights so when I heard about them, I immideately booked a ticket. It was definetly one of the most amazing flights I’ve taken and though it ended in a mere 30 minutes, it was awesome. The crew were super friendly and let me and some of my freinds take a look around the plane after landing and visit the cockpit! Below are a few pictures from the flight!


74 years old?? Daaaannngg.

That cockpit looks ancient😂


Nice! I’d like to fly on a DC-3 or DC-6 sometime.


What an amazing experience for you!

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Woah! That is an experience you will never ever forget. Someday that aircraft will be over 100 years old and you will get to tell everyone how you were one of a lucky few people to fly on it! I’m just speechless this is awesome!

It sure is. It also had one of the most peculiar cockpit seats I’ve ever seen 😂

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It definetly is, I’m really privileged to have been able to experience this!

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It 100% was!!

Looks very well maintained for 74 years old!

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If only American Airlines allowed these events for the public with their DC-3 aside from the SkyBall event…

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Would be cool for sure!

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It was, I’m pretty sure it had been restored to a slightly more modern condition!


Dang, that cockpit

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Those things just scare me. I’d rather takeoff on 3 sets of wheels.

Not as bad when you’re in, though the landings are felt harder at the front so the cabin is well protected during landings and takeoff. It can feel a bit weird though

Thank you so much for sharing, I have always wanted to fly on one of these but never had the chance.

The photos probably dont do it justice!

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