I Flew In A Cirrus SR22!

My cousin flew me up in a Cirrus yesterday! We tookoff from the Louisville area and flew to Cincinnati. Up there we got some dinner then flew back. Below are some pictures.


Wow its very cool to fly in airplanes we have in IF!

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While eating dinner I showed my cousin (pilot) and his instructor IF. They liked it, and said the Cirrus was realistic!


Thats nice, did you get to control it?

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No, my cousin and his instructor were sitting in the front so I couldn’t.

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awesome plane great pics


You have a cool cousin


I’m flying in a 757-200 this summer, specificaly icelandair, and we have the icelandair 752 in IF!

Another pictureimage


Are you going to actually fly it??

Awesome planes, I love the way the seats kind of hug you.

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Splendid photos and opportunity.

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We need your cousin’s face for the SR-22 pilot face… Maybe Carson can be the co-pilot xD

No, im 13! But i’m flying IN it

Oh thats very cool :)

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