I flew from Singapore to Addis Ababa!

I started my flight in Singapore with a Boeing 787-8 on expert server. I flew south of India right south of the Maldives to catch the jet stream at 40,000 feet.
Here are a few pictures.
Picture 1: arriving on the coast of Africa
Picture 2: flying over Kenya
Picture 3: at the gate in Singapore
Picture 4: approach into Addis Ababa
Picture 5: at the gate in Addis Ababa
Let me know which one is favorite in the comments below!


Great pictures. The ethiopian livery is beautiful.

Note: You may want to order your photos again. It looks like they jumbled up when uploading


Yes they got jumbled weirdly

I did a similar flight from Hong Kong to Addis Abada. Flying through South Asia provides you with some beautiful eye candy, and most Americans don’t think of doing these types of routes. For the longest time I had the mindset of either North America or Europe to Africa. But anyways, excellent pictures!

Nice photos good job πŸ‘