I flew from New Zealand to America in under an hour


On solo I managed to fly this F22 from New Zealand all the way to America in under an hour. Is this a world record? Also managed to reach an altitude of 18,000,000ft

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WoW that looks really cool in space.
Did you land in America?


No i was stuck in space lol


how did you do that


Crash into the ground at high speeds and you eventually be launched into space


What is high speed for you?


I thought this was clickbait, but no, it wasn’t. Kinda… Congratulations though, hope you had Oxygen


Wow I have never gotten that high up

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From what altitude did you crash and about what speed did you reach

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Vertical speed -1617799 :)


I seriously wish I knew how to do this… I still can’t successfully do it!!

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Well I did this only expecting to get up to 1,000,000ft… i was shocked when I saw I was able to get nearly 20,000,000ft

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Or you can spawn into a mountain on approach at KASE (I’m not sure which runway), let the rest unfold.

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Impressive achievement but nowhere near the record, people have gotten to several million feet and traveled really high speeds with this bug

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7,000,000 ft?

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Were you on expert or casual?

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535 million feet actually, it’s much higher but the record holder @Wattsup_jet probably couldn’t be bothered continuing to wait

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Who has the record for longest distance traveled in a short amount of time


No record has been set but when this bug first came around someone crossed halfway around the globe in a few minutes, no one’s really recorded that and I think using this method is cheating. So great opportunity if someone wants to try it. I know my best is Sydney to Istanbul in 4 hours. If you wanna try it, go for it mate, good luck, I look forward to seeing that record.

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He said solo ^