I finally made it into grade 2!

I finally made it into grade 2!


Congrats !!

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Nice one!

All you got to do is get 25 more landings, and you are on to Grade 3 with access to Expert!


Thanks you!

Will try my best!

Congrats on making it to grade 2. Always a great achievement to rank up grades.

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Once again, congrats, have a great day!


Try to avoid getting violation and you will be Grade 5 in not time need landing and flying hours .

Ok sorry and thanks!

Hoping for it!

Also Welcome to The IFc may I add

Thanks, am having lots of fun!

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Congrats! I remember when I made it to TS.

Also, if you ever need to rack up landings, do some touch and goes on KSJC’s runways. I got my 25 landings within 2-3 days to go to Grade 3.

congrats! i remember when i made it to grade 2

Ok thanks alot!

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Congrats man! Love to see more pilots level up on their grades.
Happy Flying,

Great job. Keep flying and in no time you will be flying in the expert server!

Some helpful advice I wish I had known when I first got Grade 2 is the violations you can get. Make sure to follow these! 8ebd1350279b70c364b401f5b72c242be622fefe_2_375x500

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Congrats, @EVO_G-vlogs_200! It’s great to see people climbing up the grade table. Now that you’re grade 2, you can fly on Training server (TS), it’s a great way to learn how to make ATC interactions, fly realistically (if you haven’t already), and much more! Just watch out and follow the rules (listed on the post above) to avoid violations. I really hope you enjoy your time as grade 2, and I hope to see you on the expert server as a grade 3 player soon!