I finally found a NEW callsign

It has always been fun looking for a cool callsign.

Over a period of search, I have finally found a callsign that fits my taste, PUKKA. According to collinsdictionary.com,“Pukka” means real or genuine and of good quality. I just found it such a cool word both in pronunciation and its meaning. It pronounces as PAKA and means cool, excellent, and genuine. The word also sounded like my IFC nickname, Potkukelkka, which means Kicksled in Finnish.

Last but not least, if you ever want help or recommendations with a cool callsign like Pukka, I’m willing to give out my suggestions. I’m also considering creating a thread where community members can share ideas for cool callsigns. If you ever see PUKKA flying in the expert server’s sky, don’t hesitate to come and say hi.


Nice mate, I’m happy that you found your new callsign.


Good stuff,

would pronounce it like “PUCK-R” If you know of the UK Chef “Jamie Oliver”, he pronounces it an awful lot!!


Now I see! Thanks for letting me know mate!!

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