I feel sorry for the mods and devs today!

You guys need a rest. You’ve literally been working so hard all day to answer support questions and other general questions. Thanks for all you do!


It’s par for the course really. I don’t think any update will top the release of Global back in 2017. That was absolutely bonkers and exciting. Like big exciting!


Really big!! I can image the entire IFC going crazy lol!

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This is sure a nice breath of fresh air! We have one of the hardest working and dedicated development teams out there. Thank you everyone!


Well said!

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I remember trying to log on day of release of global back in 17 and it took over a hour to spawn into the map

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OH WOW! That’s reallllyyyy long lol

Yeah it was really bad on the first day of global. I’m not sure I ever was able to get on that day


Honorable mention to 20.1. A few of us closed over 100 topics each that day…


Oh. Wow. I’m so sorry! Now I feel bad for opening like 2 support topics lol! Thanks for all the hard work :D

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At this point it’s to be expected. Update days are always gonna be crazy on the IFC and always have been. I was around back when global came out and the IFC was a total ground zero disaster zone for a couple of days. And like Tom mentioned, the release of 20.1 was also pretty bad since there were major server issues and bugs and some community members were particularly rabid because of quarantine and a lack of an update for 6 months.

The mods definitely do a great job at what their doing. I’m sure update days are extremely stressful.

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I got like pings for 70 new support topics since I have “notify on first post” on after I came back from school, I realized that a new update had dropped…

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We’re good (:

As already been hinted, most of us have been through way worse than this. This isn’t much worse than any other release. Some people are just really loud.