I feel like people are mean to me

I don’t know why but I feel like people are being mean to me on the live server

Please let me know if this post is against the regulations


If you feel that something is against the infinite flight guidelines, feel free to contact @moderators and be ready with a replay

Could you elaborate?

Develop your point a bit, we could maybe help 🙃

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On the Jakarta event I asked permission to taxi to a runway that had nobody on it but ground had me taxi to a runway on the other side of WIII

If it’s on Expert, listen to ATIS frequency and choose your flight plan accordingly and expect different instructions from ATC.

It happens to all of us, it depends on both the active runway in use, and real-world procedures too. Expert server is as realistic as possible, a starting with what runways ATC chooses to use (if this is expert server).

Don’t take it personally. It’s not your fault. 😉

It might have something to do with traffic patterns, weather and stuff like that. IFATC aren’t mean, we just try to manage loads of traffic efficiently, and sometimes that means instructing people to do something different from what they want

If you give us the time this happened we could find your controller and, if you like, you can ask why you were asked to taxi to a different runway.

Also, it is possible there was a long line of inbounds on the runway you requested and at the time, the other one was mainly being used for departures.

I did listen to Atis and it had 2 runways they were the same runways I mentioned

I could check the replay

Well ATC has to direct traffic accordingly, for both departures and arrivals. If you feel the controller was at fault, DM @moderators and have a replay ready.

Most likely, the one you wanted was being favored for landings and the other one for departures. Either way, always listen to ATC instructions because we always do things that hopefully is good for everyone

I get a little angry like Andy from The Office


We have to remember that expert server, especially the main hub, gets a huge amount of traffic. ATC can’t realistically cater to everyone’s personal wishes. Remember that there are pilots around you

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I understand

Don’t get angry, it’s better that you do your best to follow instructions from ATC as hubs on Expert get loads of traffic :)

Yeah but it’s kind of understandable why I might get a little angry right?

If a pilot requests the RW with the longer queue, honestly I give it to them unless it affects other people. And that’s pretty much what we should be doing.

Anyways, if there’s anything specific, @Tate_Wang, contact the controller rather than making a thread. We weren’t there so it’s hard to say much and you’re likely to get more confusing information than anything. If it’s something general, obviously let us know and we can help!!

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I mean both runways are parallel to each other and go the same direction. Departures can wait a little bit as arrivals get priority to avoid go arounds