I feel like it’s time for another Kai Tak event

I flew into VHHX for the millionth time this morning (as the sun was going down there IRL) and MARVELED at its beauty.

I understand why people fly into VHHH…it’s just not “realistic” to fly into VHHX anymore. But it doesn’t matter to me. It’s too awesome to ignore and in fact, I find myself flying into VHHX far more often than VHHH. People ask for events that don’t take place at Heathrow or LAX…how about a Kai Tak fly-in? There are some great ~1-2 hour flights in the region and it’d certainly make for some good IF “content” with that wild approach and precisely one main taxiway.


Very much agree, Kai Tak is one of the most fun places to fly into. No other airport is as unique and challenging. But if you want to see an event there, why don’t you make one? Right now you are trust level 1 so you will not be able to post in Events, but if you keep contributing productivity you should be able to reach Trust Level 2 in no time.

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Good call…that’s what I get for being a lurker and posting three times a year lol

I’ll keep that in mind though. If I can manage to get myself to that level at some point, I’ll probably do that 🤙

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I can make one for you :) I’ve been thinking of making one myself!


Pan Am Virtual maybe?

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Yup! That sounds great maybe we could talk about it in PMs @Hector_Wilson @Seano?

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I can talk

Really?! That would be amazing : )

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oh i’m definitely signing up for this this sounds awesome

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