I feel like a Toronto Spotter @ KLAS

Hi fellow plane people, once again, me and @Alec hopped down to LAS for some golden hour spotting. This time, from a different angle. It’s been almost 8 months since I last used this spot so with the return of winter lighting, it’s time again. The title is because majority of these shots looks similar to the angles a lot of YYZ spotters get.

Go check out Alec’s shots below!

I’ll be flying on one of these in just under a week to Austin, TX! 🇺🇸

Duck 🦆

A Janet 736 not arriving from Area 51 but rather Kansas City where it received some sort of maintenance. 👽

Engine one be half heart, half canyon. 💙❤️💛


The Shining makes it’s return… 🪓

Going for all 3 SW aircraft in a row. ✈️

Lot’s of “West” today. 💚🖤

Bizzy Jet on a Busy Approach. 🛩

I don’t think I’ve posted the continental livery in a little while. 🌐

Final light with a 40 minute early 767 arrival. 💫


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Woww…, It’s Amazingg!!!

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Hey wait, when did you take these? I swear I caught some similar ones…


Ye lets not talk about that Right Cone on the 767 lol. Amazing shots! Same with you @Alec


We noticed that after catching it and the OCD levels were real high.

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This is a good time to point out like every airport has this angle as long as they have a runway between 20 and 30


Yay Canyon Blue

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Love the max! 🤩

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Someone tell Kamryn that the wings have been cut off in every image here


Quack quack

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Someone tell Dan that he needs to level the horizon on 95% of his photos


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Someone tell me to buy a new lense

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buy a new lense :)

someone tell me to buy a proper camera

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Buy a proper camera smh

Someone tell Kam to get good at spotting. Even @Alec manages to get wings in his shots


This looks like a sim not even lying. LOL

Excellent pics KaMrYn


I can’t believe you didn’t even complain about me posting nothing but a blue sky.

smh my head

Seems that 100mm x1.6 is too much for you. Either stand further away or use the other lens smh my DAMN HEAD

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thats what i wanna know

Wish United kept the few 737s in the continental letters


Buy a proper camera

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