I Feel at Home in The Sky

G’day all or Bonjour à tous, aloha, Hallo allemaal, 大家好, Hallo alle, Halló allir, Pozdrav svima, Halo semua, Καλησπέρα σε όλους, so today I’m continuing on with my series featuring Infinite Flight Cockpit with this shot from a group flight I did way back in June 2019.

image Chicago Executive (KPWK) to Oshkosh (KOSH)

image Yellow and Grey CubCrafters CC19-180 XCub

image Noon I’m pretty sure

image Casual Server

If you want to use my picture for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me.


I see another wing don’t cause a mid air collision.
Great photo and nice cloud edit.


Thanks mate, it was a group flight with over 100 attendees, here’s a shot from the outside of the aircraft in front of me.


Super cool 👍

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That’s awesome love the 787 in the back ground.

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As always amazing edit, hopefully we see clouds like this in IF soon!

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Great job as always! Awesome!

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