I fall through the floor at FOAR


I want to fly Mango Airlines from FAOR to FALE. I’ve never flown this airline before, and im very excited to. But there is one problem.

I break the time-space continuum and phase through the earth when I spawn in at FAOR. My flight is in 6 hours. Help! How do i fix this?

Clear the scenery cache. Go to settings, scroll all the way down, then select clear scenery cache to do this.

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its still doing it

I’ve experienced this before, all I had to do was to restart IF. Try to go back there and see if you fall through again. I ended up at an altitude of -221000 feet lol

Its like a stall straight into the bepths of hell!

Off to see Lucifer lol

it worked! thanks so much!

No problem :)

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Well, this is a common issue. I had this once in an A380. It happens quite often.