I failed my IFR check ride!

No big deal. Just a bit of misunderstanding and things I never encounter. I have discussed this with my instructor, and I am ready for the challenge again. I keep falling and standing back up. I don’t care if the airlines care about this if they want to hire me because I already have enough dark histories and decorated background.


Good on ya for failing, and still continuing to keep a positive attitude and being willing to try again! Hopefully when that next time comes around things go better!


It’s only a matter if time before you pass it! Don’t stress too much about it.

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It can take a lot of strength to stand up again after falling; that’s a great and positive attitude you have! Thanks for sharing this with us; not everything in life can be a success right away, it’s okay to fail sometimes.

I’m already looking forward to seeing your “I passed my IFR check ride!” post. Fingers crossed! 🍀


No matter what pushes you back in life, if you’ve got a dream, you can make it. Take your passion and stick to it, standing back up is a great sign of determination and is key to learning from your previous lessons and exams. You can do it.

Your history is the past, and your desire is the future.


That’s the right attitude that everyone must have: don’t stop trying. Learn from the mistakes and fix them. I’m sure you’ll pass it!

Best of luck


There is no greater quality to have than this I promise you that. I can also promise you that it’ll never be easy to do. But what separates the successful from the failures can be as little as the difference in attitude.
I’m really glad that you’ve taken your experience on this check ride and learned from it, raring to go at the challenge again. Keep a level head and I have every ounce of faith in you that you’ll get it!!

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Thank you, everyone. My instructor says I am ready.


Failure makes you even better. A good aviator is always learning! You’ll get it next time around!


Good for you! I wish you the best of luck on your retake.

You have the great/right attitude towards this.

Unfortunately all check fails will follow you with every job.

On your app. And on your panel interview.

Did you fail any checks? Yes/No

If yes, what was it and what did you learn from it?

As long as you are humble about your experience and have a positive attitude, you are in good shape.

Well hey at least you have the right attitude about this. If I fail something, like stage checks, I generally will let myself have a “bad” day after the stage check then move on the next day. Just make sure you can explain what you learned from the failure when applying for airlines

If you don’t mind me asking what did you fail on?

Hold in lieu of procedure turn, I wasn’t cleared straight in and the lines were bold, so I had to fly the hold even if I can shoot straight in.

SHARPTT is your friend sometimes lol

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sometimes failure can be the greatest teacher

I was worried about that the day before the exam, and I got rekt differently. The examiner doesn’t care about how I memorise acronyms. Instead, he focused on the applications.

Yeah, and some even ask for failed mock checks too. I would be honest to the employer, though: I had some troubles, got kicked out of Embry riddle’s flight department, but I find my way of flying and ready to face more complex challenges. I am not a puppet that follows orders. I may use my authority to enhance safety as necessary.

Props to you for not being upset about this! You will get it! Work comes with a reward.

Keep us in the loop!

Well if you keep failing I think there’s something you gotta change…

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Only 1 fail for the check ride so far, and I have cleared up the mess from the past,but thanks.

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