I Failed my IFATC Written Exam

I failed my written exam a long time ago and I need some tips on how to be ready for it as I rushed.


Reviewing the ATC Manual and watching the YouTube tutorials are honestly your best bet.

Section 2 and Section 3 are the main areas of focus for the initial written test. Be sure you are 100% confident in terms of understanding all the material in those sections. If you’re more of a visual learner. The Perfect ATC Test video is a good visual demo of all the concepts in Section 2 and 3 at play. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter. They’ll gladly explain why you got the answers you got wrong wrong, and what not.


I did watch the perfect ATC test yesterday but I don’t understand how he does sequencing.

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It’s honestly just practice and practice! What I did when I failed my written exams was create some scenarios and made them into my own questions with answers to retain that material properly from the manual. Once I did that the test became easy!

Another Tip I have for you is to draw things out! You have some awesome examples of how a simple pattern works. Make aircraft dot’s and there you can easily determine who comes first in relation to that pattern. Keep calm and you will succeed! What Danny said also is great info! So take that with open hands! Best of luck! When your doing your tracking feed work it’s always good understand what’s happening there as that will be what your tested on in the exam.

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I would say you just need a little more practice. Try to have multiple pilots fly inbound patterns. I believe they would be able to help you better understand the sequencing method :)

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Section 3.3.1 has a visual image demonstrating the art of sequencing. In a nutshell, for aircraft in the pattern, if they’re going to the same runway, then you must sequence each consecutive aircraft to follow the one ahead with respect to the pattern leg of the aircraft they’re following. So, say Aircraft A is first in line and they’re on left base. Aircraft B is turning crosswind, so they’ll be told to follow Aircraft A on left base as number 2. Aircraft C joins the party later on, and Aircraft A is on final while Aircraft B is on left downwind. Aircraft C will have to follow Aircraft B, so Aircraft C will be told to follow Aircraft B on left downwind as number 3, because Aircraft C is third in line for said runway.


Just do like a exam IRL: Study and keep studying until you get more confident.

Edit: BTW I’m in process too lol

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Thank you guys.

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I’m open at my ATC Tracking Thread if anyone wants to come.

The written exam is tricky, I highly suggest to take a sheet of paper and a pen, it will help a lot.

You draw the situation you have in the question, like if you have it on the radar. The solution will be easier to find and faster, and most likely correct.

Wish you the best!


Thank you I wish the best to!

Have to echo the tips above, get some paper and use it for the scenarios. Really does visualise things in your head

Study the guides and I also found watching some live streams by controllers also helped, @Cheryl_Tunt comes to mind

Relax, breath (most important 😆) and don’t rush…

Good luck!


There is a written exam?

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Yes. One written and pratical

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Failed the written the first time too! Don’t worry about a thing. Just be sure to look over the graded test, and correct your mistakes. Although the questions won’t be exactly the same the next time you take the test, the questions will be very similar.

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