I.F. & the Apple Watch

I would love, some day, to be able to view the I.F. map and to be able to make ATC. selections from the Apple Watch.

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Would have been a great April 1st joke ;p

More seriously, while we love new cool tech, it seems like it would be more suited for the community to create such an app once we have a proper API that ppl can query.


The issue in my opinion is that a huge majority of ‘simmers’ for IF are kids. Generally, kids just don’t have these watches unless their parents are billionaires (a bit of a hyperbole - haha).

For the devs to do it, it wouldn’t be worth it. As Philippe said, though, for a separate dev to do it, it would be awesome!


I think if someone were to develop this app it would really give I.F. an edge up on the competition.

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I already had a tracking app in development that did something similar - I haven’t tried developing for the Apple Watch, nor do I have the hardware to test with, but I’m sure I can make something work :)


It would be cool for there to be a free, real time map, of all the flights in Infinite flight on the watch. Just something cool to look at. It would help promote IF a lot.


And/or you could listen in to the ATC!

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Cameron, I would be more than happy to assist with the testing 😏

yea that is a good idea Thomas

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Well, I had this working on the iPhone and iPad last year, wait a few works and I’ll get it on the watch too ;)

That would be awesome Howard! Message me your email address please :)

Hey if you need any more help, just let me know! I would be happy to.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll probably make a post on this later, it’s been 6 months since I last worked on it and I need to get it up to speed… :)


Now, don’t expect it to do loads, but getting your flight’s location and putting it on a map is doable :smile: