I experienced what i think was a hack

Goodmorning! I took a normal flight this morning in the 737-800 … beautiful flight, all of the sudden this came up on my screen ? My flight was cut off, live server gone? I landed at KEDW without unicom tho… my second device i was using to track my flight on live flight… can i get some feedback? Thanks, Mikey1974


This may be helpful:

Does this issue occur despite having adequate connection?

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Not sure, i will fly again today and see, my connection was pretty good. But ive never had this happen… ever?

Ok! Thanks!!

Are you on Android? I think it must be what they stated above. If you still paranoid check your google accounts for which device logged in. Also you get msg either by email or mobile if anybody logged in to your account. Security are pretty good now days.

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Yes i am … I’m thinking of upgrading to ipad, it seems to be a better platform for Infinite Flight…

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I like both…yes iPad good for gaming/multimedia. I been iPhone user from 2007 till 2015, then android but now I’m back with iPad for gaming, I still use android phone, S7, S8 :)

Yep, s8+ for me! Awesome phone! , just beat up, i would also like to upgrade to a FCS and ipad is better for that too im sure…



My brother experienced this issue on Tuesday. It was most likely a connection issue. When you do your next flight could you tell me how it went, and if the issue persists?
I also recommend to do this when flying:

  • Connect to a WiFi signal
  • Make sure you’re close to your router
  • Disconnect any devices not being used from your WiFi, as they’ll use a significant amount of bandwidth

This has happened with me too. Try going to a different corner of the room so you have a better connection. Or just restart your device…

You could also delete the app and then redownload it.

It was fine! Im a scaredy cat… id just never seen that before and it was odd! Thank you tho!

So does the issue still occur or is it fine now?

Its fixed! Thanks!