I enjoy taking pictures

Took some pictures of a KLM flight service to Amsterdam Schiphol. This flight was a long one, departing from Los Angeles. Took a couple photos during the pre-flight.

This image was taken at the Tom Brady International Terminal Gate 152.

This image was taken at the Apple Store in New York.

*I do not know why it only has two waypoints in, however I can assure you I had more

The flight details. :)


Well edited shots! Love the orange KLM livery!
Also 187 kts on takeoff? That’s pretty fast lol

High payload with tailwind. It was a routine takeoff. 😉

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Sounds good! Tailwinds can really give you a push

Aircraft: Airbus A320


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Dunno IF Operations 😐

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Where did you get this? Out of curiosity.

There is an app that can provide it for you called IF Operations.


Sounds cool, I’ll check it out

I dont know if this was on purpose or not but I thought the same when I first heard of these gates

Required to caption images per the topic format.

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Hey man! How did you take that high quality photo?

My guess would be post-processing edits.

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like photoshop and lightroom?

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Ya, I would say lightroom is a common tool for these styles.

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thaks for the info! Happy flyING!

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Sometimes I use my phone, sometimes I use something called Adobe Photoshop.

I have more examples with different types of editors on my other previous topics relating to IF shots.

Oh my bad man

how did u make the flight detail thing?

Already mentioned it right here.