I edited these (over edited)

Hi all!

I took some cool screenshots I would like to share with you. I edited some of them.

A beautiful shot in Tokyo🇯🇵

Me and the boys chilling at the Fed Ex cargo apron

Parallel 🛫

A nice view of the cockpit


Banking into the approach

Beautiful buildings

New Zealand

Your PAL



Wow really nice shots! I really liked the second one! Keep up the good work ;)

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I doubt that this is edited but if it is can u tell me what it is please? Otherwise this is segsi


You have been approved by the ANA fanboys lol
Love the ANA 777 shots!

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It is edited. Part of the shot is blurred. I also added a filter. I edited the pic with Snapseed. It is the A350 cockpit.

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These are insane pictures! They are amazing, probably the best I’ve seen yet.

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Whats the name of the edit itself? The filter

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Morning is the name of the filter.

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